House cleaning is a luxury thing that you need to budget for!

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If you want to not to have to spend what free time you have cleaning, then you need to hire that out. 

Just like you would do with the landscaper, Plummber, Painter, Nanny etc…

All very valid trades. And yes, House Cleaning is considered the 23rd trade. 

And yes everyone can clean but not all can clean well and in an efficient manner without hurting your things or there is that nasty trend on Tic Tok where you see all these videos with supposed “professionals” mix chemicals together in a bottle and spray them on your possessions. I am waiting for a mustard gas situation to hit the news cycle…:(

I consider there to be  3 levels of “Professional” Cleaning Companies

1. Franchises: there are plenty of these. I am sure you have heard of the many out there. I have listed some here. Molly Maids, Merry Maids, American Maids etc…(These guys always have the necessary insurance needed to conduct business the safe way)

2. Professional Cleaning Companies: These are their own private entities usually owned by a single or partner business owners (Most of these guys carry the required insurance needs to operate professionally. 

3. Independent or Micro Cleaning Companies: There are literally hundreds of thousands if not millions of these types of cleaning companies in the United States. 

Some can clean, others not so much. So quality varies greatly. Many do not have any business acumen and are winging it.  Many do not carry the required insurance necessary to do business successfully. So if something happens you are on your own as homeowner. 

So how to find the right cleaner for you?

Call around to what pricing is available. Some will have to schedule a time to come and see your home, others will just give you a price right over the phone. 

Franchises and Professional Cleaning Companies will be more pricy than that of the Independent or Micro Cleaning Company. Some will charge by the hour and others will give a flat rate. 

With all of them please ask the following questions:

Do you background check all your employee’s?

This is a biggie. Many will not background check and have hired convicted felons without you knowing it. So ask as you may have one cleaning your home. 

And before you give me the speech about how once in prison you have paid your dues back to society. I get that. However I personally feel that you should be told about that situation before they are allowed inside your home to clean. 

I also feel if you have been a convicted felon you should not clean inside of someone’s home. They should be cleaning inside of a commercial building, where they are on camera all of the time. Again, this is just my opinion.

Does everyone you employ speak English? This is a simple yes or no question.

Will I have the same cleaning tech(s) each time? This by far is the number one question that is asked. And varies from company to company. Depending on the company turnover can be as high as 300 percent and other companies there is very little turn over. For us yes, you get to have the same Cleaning Tech.

How long will they be in my home cleaning? This is dependent on weather or not they are being paid by the hour or not. If it’s a Flat Rate then you do not have

Do you bring all the equipment needed to get the job done? Some cleaning companies supply everything others expect you to buy what is needed. 

Do I need to supply an upright vacuum? This varies from company to company and more so with COVID. Some cleaning companies will just bill your credit card on file and will then drop ship you the vacuum needed to get your home clean. 

Do you do Sheet Changes?

We supply 1 sheet change per cleaning. However the bed needs to be stripped prior to the arrival of Cleaning Tech and the clean sheets need to be sitting on the bed. We will not search for them. If they need extra beds changed this is an add on charge of 25.00 per bed with bunk beds costing 50.00. 

What kind of services do you offer?

Weekly, Bi Weekly and Monthly regular services. There is also Top to Bottom Deluxe Cleanings, Move in/Move Out cleanings. Post-Construction Cleanings several companies offer most of these services.

What kind of chemicals do you use?

Many companies use a lot of different things to clean with. Ask them for a list of chemicals that they will be using inside your home. Some cleaners will want you to buy certain chemicals to help them clean?

What do I do about my Pets?

If you fur babies bites, please crate them. 

Do I need to be out of the home while you clean?

In the days of covid everyone is home. Please be considerate and move to one side of the home so that your cleaner can clean, then they will move you to the other side of the home. 

Shannon Miller